2 Carpet Cleaning Methods You Can Use to Avoid Over-Saturating Your Carpets


Being one of the first items that guests see when they enter your house, carpets certainly have a big say on how tidy your home is. Proper cleaning goes a long way in prolonging their lifespan and keeping them looking clean and hygienic. Besides the regular dry vacuuming done to remove the loose dirt and debris that settles on carpets over time, wet cleaning is required to get rid of the more stubborn dirt.

27 July 2019

Two situations that require the involvement of professional cleaners


There are some situations that call for the involvement of professional cleaners. If you find yourself in one of the two situations discussed below, you should consider using a cleaning service. You need to clean an old, dilapidated house that is believed to contain asbestos If you need to clean a house that which is very old and dilapidated, and which is believed to contain asbestos, then you should find a cleaner that has a working knowledge of safe asbestos removal procedures (and the qualifications to carry out this type of work) and have them clean the house for you.

25 February 2019

Why Your Storefront Window Needs Professional Cleaning Services


When it comes to maintenance services, a good number of small businesses assume that window cleaning is only essential for towering skyscrapers that have an abundance of windows. But while window cleaning services are more often employed by large commercial properties, it does not mean that they cannot be beneficial to your small-sized business too. And if you have a storefront that functions to attract passers-by to buy your goods, it is imperative to ensure that you pay extra attention to this window.

12 October 2018

Reasons Professional Window Cleaning Should Be Part of Household Maintenance


People tend to be under the assumption that window cleaning is a service only employed by commercial property owners to keep their premises spotless. Admittedly, commercial window cleaning is commonplace, but this does not mean that it is exclusive to commercial properties. Irrespective of your home's square footage, anyone can benefit from window cleaning, as it offers a slew of advantages to both your structure and your property at large. If you are deliberating on embarking on some household maintenance, consider the following reasons why you should include professional window cleaning in your routine too.

27 June 2018

Methods Used During Professional Carpet Cleaning


Keeping your carpet clean (whether at home or in your business) is important. A dirty carpet can harbor allergens such as dirt, pollen, and mould, as well as stains that can prove tough to clean. In addition, a carpet that is used by many people will require regular cleaning to contribute to a sanitary environment.  Carpet cleaning services help you keep up with the cleanliness of your carpet on a regular basis.

18 December 2017

Three Essential Guidelines on Keeping Your Garbage Bin Area Clean


Proper maintenance of the garbage bin area is an essential process in residential waste management. In general, homeowners are diligent in collecting and placing their rubbish into wheelie bins or skips. This practice keeps the home clean and free from odours and pests. Unfortunately, all the waste ends up in a designated area on which the garbage bin is placed. In ideal circumstances, the rubbish should remain in the same condition in the container until the residential rubbish removal company comes for collection.

18 December 2017

How to Keep a Boat Clean


If you plan on owning a boat, you would do well to understand how to keep it maintained properly. A few minutes of regular upkeep and maintenance can reduce the risk of the engine breaking down prematurely, stranding you on the water, and leading to more expensive repair bills down the road. Keeping the boat clean will also make it more comfortable to operate, and will help reduce wear and tear on the boat's interior and the hull.

9 November 2017

2 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Cleaning Service For Your End Of Tenancy Bond Clean


Moving home is a stressful but frequently unavoidable event in life. It's a time of change, disruption and increased workload that can often feel overwhelming when you still have to undertake your usual tasks both at home and at work. As well as the dreaded packing and actual removal of all of your possessions from one location to another, if you're moving out of a rental property then you're also faced with the daunting task of cleaning the property.

20 September 2017

Why Tile and Grout Cleaning Is Best Left to a Professional


Cleaning your home's floors and shower enclosure on a regular basis can keep tile and grout looking good, but eventually those surfaces will need a deep, professional steam cleaning. You can rent a scrubber or pressure washer meant for interior floor and shower surfaces, but this can be a mistake; you may actually wind up damaging tile and grout, without even getting those materials clean! Note how this can happen, and why tile and grout cleaning is always best left to a professional.

18 August 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why Body Corporate Managers Should Opt for Professional Common Area Cleaning Service


One of the responsibilities of body corporate managers is to ensure that common property is kept clean and tidy for the benefit of all unit owners. In body corporate management, common property refers to areas like parking lots, driveways, walkways, gardens, play courts, etc. that are co-owned and available for access to all unit owners. Body corporate managers may be interested in enlisting the services of professional cleaning services when they know their benefits.

14 July 2017